2018 Solo & Ensemble Festivals

This year's festival has concluded. Look for online registrations to be open for 2018's Solo & Ensemble Festival on October 2nd

• Saturday, December 1st at Hartford High School, Hartford, VT(considered the Northern Site)
• Saturday, December 8th at Griswodl High School, Griswold, CT (considered the Southern Site)
• Saturday, December 15th will be used as a snowdate should one be postponed due to bad weather

• ONLINE REGISTRATION: October 2nd to October 26th
• SCHEDULE: Mid-November to end of the appropriate Solo & Ensemble Festival
• RESULTS, ACCEPTANCE, STUDENT CONTRACTS: 5 days after the second Solo & Ensemble Festival to January 19th

• ALTERNATE ACCEPTANCE: January 21st to February 1st

• The online registration site will be active on Tuesday, October 2nd
• Use this link when active: Register students for the Solo & Ensemble Festival and log in using Guest
Online registration deadline is Friday, October 26th
• IF YOU MISSED THE DEADLINE, email Steffen Parker to see if your applicant can be added at this point
• Postmark deadline for payment and invoice is Monday, October 29th
• Schedule requests or assistance with conflicts should be emailed to Steffen Parker as soon as they are known
• AT THIS POINT: A $100 late fee is accessed to schools who are late with multiple applications - $20 late fee is accessed to parents or private teachers who are late with a single application - $20 late fee is accessed to sponsors who are adding applicants to their previous applications

• SCHEDULE REQUESTS: If your student has a special schedule request, email Steffen Parker by October 26th

• The schedules will be available online on or before Friday, November 16th
• Using the View your Solo & Ensemble Schedule link on the left, each NEMFA sponsor can access their students' Solo & Ensemble Schedule (site available from early November through the two Solo & Ensemble dates)
• Schedule changes can be requested by contacting Steffen Parker via email with the student's name and request parameters

• Late additions to the schedule can also be requested by contacting Steffen Parker via email with the student's name, instrument or voice, NEMFA experience, ensemble preference, solo being performed and accompanist (if applicable). There is a late fee in addition to the regular application fee.

• While the schedule is available online, student information (preference, solo, composer, NE experience) can be edited
• Please contact Steffen Parker with changes in accompanist so that their schedule can be considered

• Arriving 45 minutes prior to their performance, sponsors should check in at registration while the students go to the warmup area
• Students should be at their adjudication room 10 minutes early
• The performance is just that, a complete performance of the selected piece, accompanied if possible (pianos are made available in most solo rooms and recorded accompaniment is acceptable), with the student properly dressed (see Dress Code on our Documents page)
• Remember that the adjudicator must have a copy (photocopy is okay) of the music and the performers must use originals.

•Approximately 5 days after the second Solo & Ensemble Festival, the results are posted online for sponsors to access through the Check your Solo & Ensemble Festival Results link on the left Those results will include access to each performance's adjudication form and, if invited, the steps to follow to accept that invitation to the Concert Festival.

• NOTE: Due to the instrumentation requirements of the selected programs, some instruments that have a NEMFA Repertoire may not be selected for a Concert Festival ensemble.

• Using their NEMFA ID, sponsors can Register Accepted Students for the Concert Festival, print their invoice (the Concert Festival participation fee was $100 in 2018), and mail in with payment. They can also printout the information for their student(s) to use to Complete the online Student Contract that also needs to be done for each participating student. Both that mailing and the online entry must be completed by the deadline (see the online Calendar for all of our dates)


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