Concert Festival Information

• Students who were invited to participate based on their Solo & Ensemble adjudication rating

• A three day festival hosted by one of New England's high schools where accepted students rehearse in one of the three NEMFA ensembles under the direction of a nationally reknowned conductor, supported by an ensemble manager and their committee
• The festival culminates in a concert featuring the ensembles on Saturday

• Hosted in 2020 by Hanover High School (Jennifer Chambers, Hannah Rommer, Ian Golubl, co-hosts) from Thursday, March 19th to Saturday, March 21st
• Band, Chorus and Orchestra concerts at Spaulding Auditorium, Dartmouth College, on Saturday, March 21st
• Future Festivals:
2021 - March 11, 12, 13
2022 - March 17, 18, 19

• Using the Register Accepted Students for the Concert Festival link on the left, an adult sponsor (public or private school music educator, private music teacher, parent) would indicate their acceptance and if so, other information
• The sponsor would then printout the information needed for each student to complete their online Student Contract (Complete the online Student Contract link)
• This information can be entered or edited until the January deadline
• When all are entered, an invoice can be printed to be mailed with payment by that same deadline
• Band and Orchestra students will receive their downloadabel music once this process has been completed

• Choral Hearings & Registration starting at 11:00 AM and the General Meetings to start the festival at 2:00 PM on Thursday with rehearsals following until 9:00 PM
• Students are housed in local homes where the host famiy members have undergone a background check. These hosts provide overnight accommodations, local transportation and several meals for their guests
• Sponsors will receive a listing of their students' hosts on Monday prior to the start of the festival so that parents & students can contact their hosts to get acquainted
• Student meals during rehearsal times are provided at the host school
• Rehearsals continue Friday from 8:00 to late afternoon when students head to their hosts' homes for dinner and rest
• Saturday morning has rehearsals and dress rehearsals in preparation for Saturday afternoon's concerts
• Students head home after their concert performance on Saturday with parents or sponsors
• Sponsors are responsible for providing a chaperone for their students in the host community for the duration of the event

• TICKETS: Concert tickets will be available for purchase online through the link on the Concert Festival Info page until a week before the concerts. Afterwards, they can be purchased at the festival by students or at the door.
• CDs: A recording is made available of the concerts and available for order through the link on the Concert Festival Info page
• PHOTOGRAPHS: Photographs of each ensemble at their concert are available for order through the link on the Concert Festival Info page
• OTHER INFO: Directions to the host school, local restaurants & hotels, a full schedule of the festival, etc. are available through the Concert Festival Info page

• If a student accepts their invitation to the Concert Festival and then cancels, they will not be considered for the Concert Festival the following year. The only two exceptions are illness or family emergency, both of which need to be verified at the time of cancellations by the student's sponsor.

• Sponsors can contact Steffen Parker with further questions


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