Solo & Ensemble Festival Performance Schedule


• NEMFA Sponsor with students registered for this year's Solo & Ensemble Festival

• Using your NEMFA ID, access the schedule for your students' performances at their December Solo & Ensemble Festival
• View or print listings of student entries & schedules, sortable by time, student last name, or type
• Access a listing of your school's accompanists' schedule or to an individual accompanist's schedule

• The online schedule for the Northern Solo & Ensemble Festival should be online at the link below by November 17th
• The online schedule for the Southern Solo & Ensemble Festival should be online at the link below by November 20th
• Each schedule will remain online through the respective Solo & Ensemble Festival
• The Northern Solo & Ensemble Festival is Saturday, December 1st at Hartford High School, Hartford, VT
• The Southern Solo & Ensemble Festival is Saturday, December 8th at Griswold High School, Griswold, CT

The online schedule site is only active between mid-November and the appropriate Solo & Ensemble Festival Saturday.
• Use this link when active: View your Solo & Ensemble Schedules
• Enter your NEMFA ID to access your student information
• Select the type of listing you wish (or enter the accompanist name as requested) to view / print that listing
You will be able to update your student applications (Grade, Voice Part, Experience, Solo, Composer) as part of this website

• If you have a student applicant that is needs a specific performance time to be able to attend the Solo & Ensemble Festival, please send that request via email to Steffen Parker by Wednesday, November 1st

• Students can be scheduled at the other site if they are completely unavailable for their own. Again, contact Steffen Parker by email promptly to have them rescheduled.

• If you have a student applicant that is cancelling, needs a different time to avoid an unforeseen conflict, or has their name spelled incorrectly, please email Steffen Parker with that information now

• You and your student should arrive at their Solo & Ensemble Festival 45 minutes prior to their performance time and while you check in at registration, they should go to warmup
• Be at your adjudication room 10 minutes prior to their scheduled times
• Again, you are reminded to review the Solo & Ensemble Fesitival policies available through the Documents link at the top
• The results from the adjudication will be available through Check Your Solo & Ensemble Results link on the left on the Thursday after the second Solo & Ensemble Festival
• A reminder that you need to provide a copy of your music for the adjudicator. It can be a photocopy as long as the original is being used by the performers (both the soloist and the accompanist must perform from memory or an original).



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