Solo & Ensemble Festival Adjudication Results
[and possible Concert Festival Acceptance]

NEMFA Sponsors with students who performed in this year's Solo & Ensemble Festivals

• Using your NEMFA ID to access the results from your students' performances at their December Solo & Ensemble Festival
• View or print listings of student results, sortable by student last name or type
• View or print their adjudication forms
• See which students were accepted into the Concert Festival ensemble and submit their acceptance information
• Download, print and distribute your Student Contract Letters so your accepting students can complete that task
• Printout an invoice for your participation students - Gather the appropriate signatures - Process for payment

• Online indication of your students' acceptance (chorus height)
Due by Wednesday, January 22nd: Student online acceptance information and a completed Student Contract for each accepting student - Both of those tasks can be accomplished through the appropriate links to the left
• The postmark deadline for mailing the signed Student Fee Invoice and appropriate payment is Monday, January 22nd
• The 2020 Concert Festival is Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, March 19th, 20th & 21st at Hanover High School, Hanover, NH

The online adjudication results site is available from mid-December until the January deadline.
• Use this link when active: Check your Solo & Ensemble Results and log in using the Account Name and Password you received in an email from Steffen Parker (if you are a NEMFA sponsor and did not receive this info, email him here)
• Enter your NEMFA ID to access your student information
• Select the results listing to view or print all of your students results (sortable by last name or instrument / voice)
• Select each student to view their individual adjudication form (or a complete ensemble form)

2019 Cut-off Ratings

• If a student performed a piece on their instrument's Virtuoso Listing, five points were added to their adjudicator's ratings for the selection process.
• That student's adjudication form will show the rating they received from the adjudicator.
• Your student listing will show their rating with the five points added.

• Vocal solos are considered a different entry than a vocal ensemble
• We compare the number of vocal solos and vocal ensembles for each voice part and then select the chorus based on those percentages (as close as we can given duplicates within the vocal ensembles and tied ratings)
• Thus there is a different cut-off for each type within the same voice part.

• You should have received the president's letter in the mail that formalizing your student participation and invites those accepted students to consider being a part of the Concert Festival
• For your accepted students, you need to determine if they are going to accept their invitation to the Concert Festival and complete their acceptance registration using the appropriate link to the left by Wednesday, January 22nd
• If they are accepting, they also need to complete the Student Contract (a different link to the left) by the same deadline,Wednesday, January 22nd
• You are reminded to review the Concert Fesitival policies available through the Documents link at the top to make sure you are fully aware of everyone's responsibilities
• This year's festival fee will be $105 per student (a $5 increase to cover the increase in cost for host background checks).

ROSTERS (available by January 1st)?
• New England Band
• New England Chorus
• New England Orchestra

• The music for your accepted chorus students was sent with the President's letter and should arrive prior to Christmas vacation
• Band and Orchestra music for accepting students will be made available online to their sponsor as soon as all members from that sponsor have accepted their selection and completed their Student Contract

• If you have any questions, please email Steffen Parker


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