Solo & Ensemble Festival Online Registration

Registration will be online starting on October 2nd

Again this year's adjudication of vocal ensembles (
SSA, SSAA, SAB, SATB, TTBB, SSATB) will include two adjudicators, one who will evaluate the upper voices in the ensemble while the other will evaluate the lower voices on each individual's performance (Technique, Rhythmic Accuracy, Melodic Accuracy, Diction). Both will confer on the ensemble aspects of the performance (Tone, Intonation, Ensemble Balance, Interpretation, Musical Effect). Thus the rating received by each ensemble member will be their own total of the individual evaluation and the shared ensemble one.

In the selection process following the completion of the second Solo & Ensemble Festival, students' vocal ensemble ratings will be considered separately from vocal solo ratings and an appropriate number of each voice part will be selected from each type of performance (ie; the sopranos selected for the chorus will proportionally be soloists and sopranos from ensembles).

• Any adult (teacher, parent, director) willing to sponsor students for participation in the Solo & Ensemble Festival. Membership is $30 per year for each adult.

• The online application site where the sponsor enters their information (name, address, school (if representing one), phone, email) and creates their unique NEMFA ID (used for accessing information as we go through the process).
• Once the sponsor info is entered, student application info is then entered for their vocal or instrumental solo, or vocal ensemble performances.
• When the entries are complete, an invoice should be printed to send in with payment by the deadline. Each student / performance is $15.

• Online registration deadline is Friday, October 26th
• IF YOU MISSED THE DEADLINE, email Steffen Parker to see if your applicant can be added at this point
• Postmark deadline for payment and invoice is Monday, October 29th
• Deadline for special schedule requests is Wednesday, November 1st
• AT THAT POINT: A $100 late fee is accessed to schools who are late with multiple applications - $20 late fee is accessed to parents or private teachers who are late with a single application - $20 late fee is accessed to sponsors who are adding applicants to their previous applications
• Any scheduling requests must be emailed to Steffen Parker by the same October deadline

• The Northern Solo & Ensemble Festival is at Hartford High School, Hartford, VT on Saturday, December 1st
•The Southern Solo & Ensemble Festival is at Griswold High School, Griswold, CT on Saturday, December 8th

The online application site is only active between October 2nd and the deadlines above.
• Use this link when active: Register students for the Solo & Ensemble Festival
• Read the info on the 'First Time Here This Year' page and click on the Register as a New England Sponsor button to begin the entry process - Do this even if you were a NEMFA member last year..... None of that information has been retained now.
• Select the type of sponsor, fill in that info, create your NEMFA ID, and continue to be able to enter your student applications
• Print your invoice and mail in with payment by the deadline (mailing address is on the invoice)

• In mid-November, sponsors will be able to access their students' performance schedule through the View your Solo & Ensemble Schedule link on the left side
• You are reminded to review the Solo & Ensemble Fesitival policies available through the Documents link at the top

• If you have a student applicant with a scheduling need (different site than all of your others, special time to avoid a conflict with another event, etc.), please email Steffen Parker with that information now


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